What is the problem you are solving? What part of the crisis are you tackling?
The corona virus is in many ways a disaster for event organizers, facilitators, moderators, theaters, the cultural world. Loads of meetings and events are being cancelled around the world due to the virus.

The problem with just moving the performance to digital live streams is that many of today´s services available online are that they lack every form of real-time contact between the audience and performer. There is a risk that not everyone can participate and make their voice heard.

Many of today's video conferencing services are not built for larger meetings with audiences which decreases the possibility of interaction. We call it the deterioration of “emotional bandwith”.

What is your idea for a possible solution?

The virus is in many ways a disaster for people, businesses and communities. But it can also mean that it will change our way of meeting and behaving. Meetings that used to be IRL are now taking place online.

We are developing a new service that enables moderated digital meetings in real time, combining the best with the physical meeting with the best with online meetings. Our service is will be developed in a way that lowers the thresholds to participate in digital meetings. Everything is built in open source, and no sensitive data is stored or sold to third party companies.

This service can be used for cultural performances, concerts or lectures with a digital audience that, with just the push of a button or their facial expression, create digital expressions. But it can also be used for a citizen dialogue held by a municipality, a doctor’s congress or Annual General meeting of a company.

Our solution may as well change the way we experience live performances and seminars. The difference is a much higher level of contact between the audience and the performer/artist/speaker.