Better connection with the audience

All of us have experienced how bad a webinar or a larger digital meeting can be. And while you speak or perform, you have a poor connection and no meaningful interaction with your audience. In a real meeting, seminar or performance you would get a feeling for the audience when you talk or perform.

It also consumes a huge amount of bandwidth to transfer hundreds of users video feeds to everyone. The Corona pandemic hasn't made it easier. Many places where we usually meet like theaters, museums, cinema and conferencing facilities have been closed.

We want to give you your audience back.

With you move into a three-dimensional hall and your audience turns into avatars that follow every face and head movement of everybody. No VR glasses or other sensors needed. can be used for a lot of things. You can organize a digital conference with hundreds of participants and still interact with your audience. Or why not arrange a concert with your audience in front of you?

Use AI and VR to create a unique virtual room or hall with avatars expressing the audiences reactions to the show.

By extracting facial features from the face grid we create a much simpler representation of each participant. We also exaggerate eyebrow movement, head rotations (nods/shakes), mouth movements etc so it's easy to see which of your participant in a meeting that are actively listening.

See the facial expressions in realtime transferred to the avatar

Hack the crisis - use technology

The Corona pandemic means a lot of cancelled seminars and conferences. We think it's crucial for society and democracy that we try to live our lives as normally as possible during this time. During a hackathon called #hackthecrisis in Sweden in March 2020 we decided to try to tackle this problem.  We wanted to see if it was possible to create a digital stage/theatre where everyone in the audience is represented with its own digital avatar. It turns out we can!

The rooms and halls

A good meeting or hall is not only about good content. The environment is also very important. Each type of meeting requires a different layout for the room. A theatre hall is perfect for some type of meetings but others might be better in a round table set up or on the top of a mountain. We can customize rooms and halls for your needs. Here are some examples.

Our solution is compatible with popular 3D programs such as Blender, Maya, 3D Studio, Sketchup etc so you can design your own room for each type of meeting. Of course, we can customize rooms for you as well.

This is our first type of room which has space for 43 sitting (virtual) guests.

A second screen to your existing technology

Our solution can either be used as a "second screen" to any other video conference solution. Just start the meeting in Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom or Jitsi. Just send aa link to the virtual room you have prepared and they will pop up on their seats with a smile. Note: If you use Facebook Live or similar the audience will experience a delay caused by the buffering settings.

Video streaming within a room or hall

We are also working on integrating a video streaming solution within our room for a all-in-one solution, stay tuned...

Who can join and how?

Our technology currently works best from a desktop (Mac/Windows) in Chrome. You can join from an iPhone or Android but the AI analysis is not yet optimized for the hardware (coming soon). If you have a VR headset you will also be able to join through that. Press the person icon in the bottom left to switch view between view from stage and the audience. Navigate in the room with the WASD or arrow buttons.

Demo time!

Please use Chrome on PC/Mac or Safari on iPhone for best experience:

Let's try it out!

Photo by Daniel Tafjord on Unsplash